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Energy Services

SNMP Technologies perform energy engineering services for large building, campuses, complexes, schools and mega churches. Our assessment include a studiy to help our customers define the requirements to reduce energy cost and consumption. All services are performed by certified Control Engineers who have demonstrated experience and knowledge to design, integrate and implement energy systems.

Key energy component referred to as Energy Conservation Measures (ECM). ECM's are engineered to resolved enery problems.Components of ECM's:

  • HVAC Controls
  • Current Transformers(electrical load measurement devices or transducres)
  • Pulse Kits for Water, Gas or Steam
  • Lighting
  • Access Controls

We use our expertise to perform the energy grid assessments then define where the cost savings are. After defining the ECM’s or cost savings we work with our customers to implement the required ECM.

SmartStruxure™ ● BMS

SNMP Building Management and Control System.
Our control systems are used to manage buildings by collecting measured data from electrical, gas, water and steam meters as well as HVAC systems which uses approximately 40% of energy cost.

We provide our customers with trend data, control options and other performance information required to meet or accomplish cost reductions. The SmartStruxure™ BMS solutions enables you to monitor, measure and optimize building performance throughout its life cycle-saving you money.

You can’t control what you don’t measure.

At the core of our SmartStruxure™ solution is a BMS control device called the AS-P. The AS-P performs the functionality, such as control logic, trend logging, and alarm supervision, and supports communication and connectivity to the I/O and field buses. The distributed intelligence of the SmartStruxure™ solution ensures fault tolerance in the system and provides a fully featured user interface through a workstation and or WebStation.

Guest Room Management Systems.
SNMP offers a range of guest room management solutions to suit a hotel’s needs, objectives, and budget. Whether you require a standalone guest room management solution for easy installation and fast ROI, a solution that integrates guest rooms with other Guest Room Management System (GRMS) and BMS/PMS, or one that provides advanced guest room functionality, comfort, and ambience-our guest room management solutions are designed to enhance the guest experience while driving energy and operational efficiency.

Limited Service Standalone Guest Room Management Solution.
This solution is perfect for limited service hotels that want to control energy use in guest rooms, and need a simple solution with easy installation and fast ROI. Our Standalone solution allows you to optimize guest room energy consumption based on occupancy detection. The SE8000 Series Room Controller is the core of the solution: it determines occupancy and other room parameters from various sensors to reduce energy consumption during unoccupied periods.

Limited Standalone Chart.

Limited Service Integrated Guest Room Management Solution This solution builds upon the occupancy-based Standalone solution to include integration with our GRMS. From this single-user interface, you can view and manage individual rooms, or the entire network of rooms, to drive energy efficiency, monitor alarms and events, and perform proactive maintenance. Take it one step further by integrating with PMS to activate rooms upon check-in, send personalized and promotional messages to guests, and set preferred language, temperature, and unit of measure on in-room devices.

Limited Standalone Chart.

Full Service & Luxury Integrated Guest Room Management Solution.
For full service and luxury hotels that want to provide the ultimate in-room experience for their guests. This solution builds upon the technology of the Standalone and Integrated solutions by adding a Hotel Room Controller (HRC) to each guest room.

The HRC manages multiple lighting circuits, curtains, DND/MUR, bedside panel, and tablet applications in the guest room. It can also be integrated with the entertainment system to enable control from an in-room tablet or from your guests’ own devices. Our HRC builds a robust, added valued solution that ensures your guests enjoy a unique experience and pleasing ambience, enticing them to revisit your hotel in the future.

The HRC aggregates data from all the subsystems and devices in the room, including the SE8000 and 3rd party systems like door lock. This is then served up to the GRMS and BMS/PMS for full visibility and control of the guest room, including occupied status, energy use, service requests, and maintenance needs.

Guest Room Management System

Guest Room Management System.
The GRMS provides centralized, holistic visibility and control of guest rooms, and integrates with other services like BMS, PMS and door lock. Hotel staff can easily view room conditions such as occupancy, energy use, temperature, humidity, and maintenance needs, along with HVAC, curtain, DND/MUR, door, and window status. Now you can manage individual rooms, or the entire network of rooms, to drive energy efficiency, monitor alarms and events, and perform proactive maintenance.

Typical Application Example.
SNMP is required to installs meters and current transformers (CTs) used to collect data from electrical meters. Installing meters require accurate, precision current transformers with a range suited to support measurements from 40A to 6000A. The current transformers deliver at the secondary a current (0-5A) proportional to the current measured at the primary. This means that they can be used in combination with measurement devices (switchboard instrumentation, kilowatt-hour meters, power-monitoring units, etc.

SmartStruxure™ Automation Servers (typically referred to as BMS) to read or recover information such as building energy demand and building energy consumption from meters.