Energy Services

solar array

Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources will become the pathway to a sustainable energy system. It takes new approaches and new technologies to meet this challenge. SNMP answers this throughout the entire energy system with innovative products, solutions, and services, unparalleled know-how, and energy market expertise.

Ever since the beginning of time, the wind, the sun and water have provided infinite potential for sustainable energy. Why wait before we put them to good use?

SNMP provides homogeneous energy systems consisting of the intelligence designed into the substations, the renewable energy sources that provide electricity or backup power, the building automation systems intelligence and the monitoring and control used to track performance.

Smart Grid Solutions for SNMP Technologies

SNMP recognizes that Smart Grid is about the big picture of improved energy delivery, informed consumption and reduced environmental impact. We are proud to offer a complete spectrum of products, solutions and services for the protection, automation, planning, monitoring and diagnosis of grid infrastructure, including products, complete solutions and services for electrification.

SNMP is bringing to market Smart Grid solutions that can evolve over time, are scalable and are compliant with industry standards for interoperability and security. We are making the Smart Grid a reality by partnering with utilities and cities to implement their Smart Grid vision.